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After School Program

After School Program

Our after school program was opened because of a real need within low-income communities. The program gives structure to students with working parents and adopts a holistic approach to learning. We want our students to be socially engaged, physically and emotionally cared for. Its also a haven for at risk students, helping to build their confidence and self esteem. Older kids that are part of our program are much less likely to fall in with the wrong crowd. Most importantly many of our parents have no formal education or have only received primary school level and we play a pivotal role by offering that extra education assistance.

We strive to maintain a fun, interactive, and inclusive learning environment where our students always have a sense of belonging. In this sense, the school reinforcement and support program is based on the following principles: Empowerment, active participation, equality, equity, quality of education and inclusion.


We focus on four main areas in the development of our curriculum, the arts, literacy, science and physical education.

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