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Cultivating Wellness: Health Education for Children in Communities

Orange Cares 2023

Orange Cares is a nonprofit and non-governmental organization that works to empower disadvantaged people and families throug sustainable education and development projects in Cusco – Peru.

Our Projects 2024

Health Education Campaigns in Cusco - Orange Cares

Health Education Campaigns in Cusco

Orange cares has a vested interest in isolated villages in the secluded mountainous regions of Cusco. During the height of covid, Peru recorded the highest rate of cumulative deaths internationally. These underserved regions were unfortunately the hardest hit both economically and in mortality rates. This was largely due to a lack of good nutritional intake […]

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Literacy Program - Orange Cares

Literacy Program

A LEARNING SPACE FOR PARENTS. The indigenous people of Peru that still live in seclusion in the mountainous regions of Cusco are unfortunately also the forgotten people of Peru. They continue to live in abject poverty and are incredibly underserved and underrepresented. Many villages have no schools and if they do, its only primary school […]

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After School Program

After School Program

Our after school program was opened because of a real need within low-income communities. The program gives structure to students with working parents and adopts a holistic approach to learning. We want our students to be socially engaged, physically and emotionally cared for. Its also a haven for at risk students, helping to build their […]

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Our Christmas Social Project - Orange Cares

Our Christmas Social Project

We kick off our annual Christmas social project focused on helping communities surrounding the imperial city of Cusco and the Sacred Valley. We journeyed towards the community of Pacchanta, located within the district of Ocongate (home to Ausangate Mountain). This quaint and isolated community is home to about 400 people or so. Orange Cares was […]

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Spanish Classes with Orange Cares

Learn Spanish with Orange Cares in the historical city of Peru, home to breathtaking landscape, diverse cultures, world class cuisine and archeological treasures like the world famous Machu Picchu. Cusco is the best place to learn Spanish because the Andean Spanish dialect is relatively slow, clear and neutral compared to other Spanish speaking regions in

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Our Partnerships

We could not do any of this project, without the help from our partners! Be part of this great impact to change lives.

Magic in the Sacred Valley: Children with special needs an unforgettable excursions

"Children with special needs, with their hearts full of excitement, explore this corner of ancient beauty. The colors of the landscape, the warmth of the community, and the rich Quechua culture intertwine to create a setting where diversity is celebrated."

Travel blog 2024

Join us on this virtual journey, where curiosity and wonder take us beyond known limits. Through words, images and experiences, we take you to the most exciting destinations and inspire you to explore, dream and discover the world around you. Welcome to our world of wonders!"

Monalisa Roca Spa Cusco

Monalisa Spa Cusco

Immerse yourself in an oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation with our massages designed to elevate your physical and mental well-being. In a serene and welcoming environment, our expert therapists will guide you through experiences that go beyond superficial relaxation. Say goodbye to stress and tension with our therapeutic massages. Each movement is carefully designed to […]

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The Salt Mines in Maras, Cusco

The Salt Mines in Maras, Cusco

The Salt Mines of Salineras are group of almost 5000 salt ponds stacked on the hillside. They are located in the small colonial town of Maras about 50KM northeast of Cusco City. No one knows for sure when they were constructed, however archeologists have found proof of their existence during Early Horizon Period between 700 […]

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Exploring the Ancient Beauty of Qorikancha - The Sun Temple in Cusco

Exploring the Ancient Beauty of Qorikancha – The Sun Temple in Cusco

Coricancha or Qurikacha in Quechua (quri “gold” and kancha “enclosure”) is the most prominent and central structure in ancient and modern Cusco. It´s an extraordinary live narration of the fusion of Inca and Hispanic culture. It was the center of all that was the Inca empire and still remains the center of all that modern […]

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The 7 Lakes in Ausangate, Cusco: A Scenic Exploration of Nature’s Beauty

The 7 Lakes in Ausangate, Cusco: A Scenic Exploration of Nature’s Beauty

This Ausangate 7 Lakes trek in the mountains of Peru will take you to the wilderness of Cusco to explore the Circuit of 7 Lagoons of the Ausangate in one day, with breathtaking natural scenery and spiritual significance. As you embark on our 1 day hike to Ausangate 7 lagoons into the Peruvian Andes, you […]

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San Blas: A Stroll Through the Charming Streets of Cusco

San Blas: A stroll through the charming streets of Cusco

Cusco is a major tourist hub with many popular tourist attractions in and around city. Now, might be asking yourself, where should I stay in this city. A possible answer to that is the vibrant, eclectic and bohemian neighborhood of San Blas. Its welcomes you with its vibrant art scene, colonial architecture and rows of […]

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Rainy Season in Peru: When and Where to Expect It?

Rainy Season in Peru: What to expect.

Peru is has to main seasons, mainly dry and wet season. Tourism is at a peak during dry season, specifically because of the sunny days and therefore better hiking conditions. However, this also means it is incredibly crowded and most things need to be booked months in advance, p0articu;la;lt the famous Inca Trail and Machu […]

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