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The 7 Lakes in Ausangate, Cusco: A Scenic Exploration of Nature’s Beauty

Written by Orange Cares | Noviembre 14, 2023
The 7 Lakes in Ausangate, Cusco: A Scenic Exploration of Nature’s Beauty

This Ausangate 7 Lakes trek in the mountains of Peru will take you to the wilderness of Cusco to explore the Circuit of 7 Lagoons of the Ausangate in one day, with breathtaking natural scenery and spiritual significance. As you embark on our 1 day hike to Ausangate 7 lagoons into the Peruvian Andes, you will spot the magnificent Ausangate Glacier which is the 5 highest mountain in Peru, several turquoise colored lakes, belonging to the spectacular Vilcanota mountain range, wonderful wildlife, local Quechua people, and mesmerizing towering peaks, including herds of llamas and alpacas.

The Ausangate 7 Lakes Day Tour is truly an adventure that will take your breath away as you walk through the Andes trails, combining glaciated peaks, rushing rivers, and experience the best of Ausangate in a day by our local guide. Besides, at the end of the hike, you will soak in the hot springs in Pacchanta to relax the muscles!

On our 7 Lakes of Ausangate Full Day Tour, we get you away from the crowds where everything seems untouched and undiscovered. Come with the best team in a small group to see the seven lakes at the skirts of Ausangate. We have all arranged for you, you just need your hiking shoes and the desire to have the best trip ever.

These bodies of water are more than just part of the scenery. They each hold stories, passed down through generations of local communities. Echoes of ancient legends and tales of mythical creatures abound.

This article takes you on an incredible journey. It’s a virtual tour of these lakes, allowing you to grasp their picturesque beauty and charm. Discover with us the mystique and allure of Cusco’s magnificent lakes.

Detailed information

  • Hiking time: 4 – 5 hrs.
  • Top elevation: 15 200 ft. / 4630 mt.
  • Trailhead elevation: 14 100 ft. / 4300 mt.
  • Distance: 6 mi. / 10 km.
  • Difficulty: Difficult.
  • Entrance fee cost: $ 3 / S/. 10
  • Horse rentals: $ 30 / S/. 100 round trip.
  • Hot springs: S/ 5 – HIghly recommended.
  • Elevation gain: 1100 ft. / 330 m.

Note: Bring cash in soles. Locals do not accept dollars or any other currency

The enchanting landscape: A visual journey through Cusco’s 7 Lakes

Cusco, the former Incan capital, opens the door to a majestic world of lakes. The 7 Lakes in Cusco are true testaments of nature’s wonder. They paint an enchanting landscape that beguiles every observer.

Here, morning mists add an ethereal charm to the tranquil waters. The sparkling reflections during sunset are equally captivating. Moving on, reveals an entirely different aspect. Its marshy edges are hotspots for birdwatchers and nature lovers.

Sustainable tourism is the cornerstone of activities surrounding these lakes. Responsible trekking, photography, and cultural exchanges define your exploration. Each lake, while maintaining its own character, contributes to this central theme. The aim is to protect, preserve, and present these marvels in the most respectful way possible.

Challenging the heights is the next phase of your adventure. Surrounded by lofty mountains, the 7 Lakes Tour in Cusco invite you to new altitudes. Up here, the views are panoramic, and the experience, exciting. The journey through the lakes is also a journey up the peaks.

This is where the mountains meet the water. It’s a breathtaking sight, featuring stark contrasts of color.

The surrounding lush greenery intensifies its turquoise hue. Then, there’s Pomacanchi, the largest of the seven. Its vastness offers an expansive visual treat, stretching as far as the eyes can see.

It’s the highest and most distant, but equally compelling. Its remoteness amplifies its mystique, making the journey to reach it an experience in itself.

This visual journey through the 7 Lakes trek in Cusco leaves you with a profound admiration. It’s an immersive adventure into the mesmerizing spectacles of nature. Join us, then, and let’s explore together.

Ecological treasures: Discovering the biodiversity around the 7 lakes in Ausangate

A journey through the 7 Lakes trek in Cusco reveals a thriving biodiversity that is nothing short of an ecological treasure. Each lake boasts a unique ecosystem, teeming with a variety of species. From the smallest insects to towering Andean condors, life around these lakes flourishes in harmony.

Consider Lake Titicaca, for instance, located in Puno. Its tranquil waters house an array of native fish species. Bird enthusiasts will also find joy in the diverse avifauna circling the lake. The place buzzes with life and activity, a true nature lover’s paradise.

Must have for your trek is the exploration around Ausangate Mountain. Its snow capped peak overlooks several lakes from the 7 Lakes trek in Cusco. The mountain’s surrounding ecosystem, full of endemic species, is as captivating as the lakes themselves.

On the lower elevations, delicate wildflowers and hardy shrubs decorate the landscape. Grazing alpacas and vicuñas are also a common sight. Higher up, puna grasslands and cushion plants provide refuge for wildlife. They are homes for vizcachas, Andean foxes, and sometimes, the elusive puma.

The 7 Lakes in Cusco and their surroundings are alive with the sounds of nature. Frogs croaking, birds chirping, winds whistling; it’s a symphony of the wild. An encounter with the Andean condor, soaring against the backdrop of azure skies, is particularly memorable.

Exploring Cusco’s 7 Lake district: Adventures and activities for nature enthusiasts

Cusco’s Lake District offers an assortment of activities for nature enthusiasts. Every lake is a gateway to endless adventures, wrapped in the majestic landscapes of the Peruvian highlands. From tranquil walks to adrenaline-pumping treks, there’s something for everyone.

The marshy fringes of the lakes are perfect for bird watching. Over 60 species, including the Andean negrito and the puna teal, call it home. Carry your binoculars and soak in this birdwatcher’s paradise.

For photography enthusiasts, it is a dream come true. Its expansive vistas offer excellent compositions for landscape photography. The setting sun paints the sky with hues of orange and red, creating perfect golden hour shots.

The lakes don’t limit the adventures. They extend to the trails that wind through the nearby mountains. High-altitude trekking, offering panoramic views of the lakes and valleys, is a popular activity.

For a truly off the beaten path experience, consider the Ausangate Trek. It circles the sacred Ausangate Mountain, near to the Rainbow Mountain, showcasing glacial lakes and natural hot springs. You’ll encounter local Quechua communities along the way, offering a glimpse into their traditional way of life.

What animals do I see in the Ausangate 7 Lakes area?
There are many domesticated and wild animals in this área. Along the hike, you will surely see many alpacas, llamas, and Viscachas(Andean chinchillas). If you are lucky, you might see Condors flying over you. Also, this area is the hábitat of Pumas and vicuñas, although they are a rare sight and they tend to run away if they encounter any type of noise.

Does it snow in Ausangate 7 Lakes Peru?
Yes, during our summer(rainy season) it snows heavily in the Ausangate 7 Lakes trek area. For the most part, hiking to the Ausangate region during the rainy season(December – March) is not the best idea.

Are Ausangate 7 Lakes Difficult?
In the beginning, the Trail is almost flat so it is quite simple. After 40 minutes the Trail becomes steeper and more difficult. In general, the hike to the 7 lakes is considered a medium-difficulty hike.

Is the hike to Ausangate 7 Lakes worth it?
Definitely, it is worth it, because of the tranquility of the area. When you go to explore new places, you want to find something different, and impressive. That’s what Ausangate 7 lagoons offer to you. Hiking to the 7 lakes of Ausangate, you also have a chance to connect with some of the local people of the remote places. In Addition, you will take a bath in the hot spring after 6 hours of hiking.

What is the best month to go to Ausangate 7 Lakes Peru?
Weather complications happen all the time, so it’s a great idea to know when you can actively enjoy this trip without dealing with them. We recommend hiking between April and November to have the best possible results. Getting the right hiking gear is very much a mandatory thing here, since you will end up with a very demanding hiking experience. Hiking the Ausangate Lakes during the cold season is not recommended, since the entire hike is significantly more difficult and dangerous.

Recommendations for the 7 lakes trek

  • Spent at least a couple of days in Cusco city, while you get used to the altitude.
  • Higher elevation also means cooler and almost freezing temperatures, so be prepared. If you plan a multi-day tour, be sure to wear warm clothing.
  • Be sure to be hydrated. When walking at high altitudes in cold climates, you will sweat much less than you are used to. It is often too late when you realize you are dehydrated. Mixing dehydration with altitude sickness can be an unpleasant combination. It is recommended to drink at least two to three liters per day at high altitudes like in Ausangate.
  • While walking at higher elevations, It is vital to drink enough water. There are many streams and rivers on the route, but we recommend bringing a life straw bottle or water purifying tablets. Because of the large number of alpacas and llamas throughout the mountains, the water is not always clean. It would be the worse experience of getting sick at high altitudes or having stomach troubles.
  • Get good trekking equipment when you hike the Ausangate 7 Lakes. Remember that you are hiking over 4000 meters when the weather change, it starts snowing and hailing sometimes with lighting.
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