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Taking care of the environment

Taking care of the environment - Orange Cares

Protecting the environment is absolutely crucial in preserving the earth´s biodiversity and subsequently the survival of the human race. Orange cares is deeply concerned about the environment and strongly believes that it is our social responsibility to help preserve and conserve our planet. Together with our affiliated partners we have taken on a number of environmental projects, from cleaning campaigns which focus on removing plastic waste in our paths and rivers, to planting trees to help combat the effects of deforestation. Our main goal is to reduce the carbon footprint left behind by the growing tourism sector, the lack of environmental education, as well as the unfortunate consequences of climate change.

Why is the Peruvian ecoclimate so important?

Peru is celebrated for its textured landscapes and expansive eco-systems. It prides itself in having some of the most important and diverse ecosystems in the world.

First and foremost, is the Amazon Rainforest which is home to the highest density of plant and animal species in the world. It´s crucial for stabilizing the world´s rainfall patterns, stores massive amounts of carbon and helps to curb climate change. Second, is the fruitful Andean cloud forests, which extends from (2,000ft/600m) to approximately (12,000ft/3,658m) in elevation. Located within the cloud forest is the stunning tropical garden that surrounds Machu Picchu, with over 2,354 plant species and 582 animal species.

Next, are the Paramo grasslands, an eco-system located at very high -altitudes, reaching astronomical heights of (18,000ft/5,487m), falling just below the permanent snow line. Here, you can find different grasses, shrubs and giant rosette plants. Its then followed by the Tropical Deciduous Forest found along the coast of Peru. Finally, the Marine Coastal and Wetlands hold a treasure throve of bio-diversity and is home to roughly 70% of the nations marine biodiversity.

With everything considered, it´s easy to deduce that such varied micro-climates and biodiversity need to be well looked after and vehemently protected.

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