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Our Work

Orange Cares has led a number of successful outreach programs within remote indigenous communities in the Cusco region.

Our mission is to facilitate the promotion and development of socio-economic conditions in our vulnerable and disadvantage communities. We also bolster access to quality education that focuses on vital information related to health, cultural identity, eco-tourism and the conservation of our natural environment.

No matter where you find yourself in life, volunteering is a great opportunity to tackle local needs at grass root levels. Also gain invaluable experience and in-depth knowledge of the local culture. Join other like minded individuals, driven by the same passions and interests as yourself!

Your donations or time devoted enable us to continue to make positive strides in uplifting our communities. Our projects include, but are not limited to: a comprehensive outlook on women empowerment, children with disabilities, basic education for the elderly, and a variety of social events geared toward helping people living in social exclusion in isolated ethnic villages of the Andes Mountains.

***SPANISH: Immerse yourself in the language with the second highest native speakers and the number one romance language in the world. “Te amo (teh ah-moh)“. Cusco doesn´t use a lot of slang in their colloquial speech and the rate of speech is significantly slower when compared to other Spanish speaking cities and countries. We offer classes that focus on improving technical abilities using an immersive approach and reinforce speaking capabilities by focusing on each individuals personal interests.

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Our Work

Taking care of the environment

Protecting the environment is absolutely crucial in preserving the earth´s biodiversity and subsequently the survival of the human race. Orange cares is deeply concerned about the environment and strongly believes that it is our social responsibility to help preserve and conserve our planet. Together with our affiliated partners we have taken on a number of...

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Taking care of the environment - Orange Cares

Health Education Campaigns in Cusco

Orange cares has a vested interest in isolated villages in the secluded mountainous regions of Cusco. During the height of covid, Peru recorded the highest rate of cumulative deaths internationally. These underserved regions were unfortunately the hardest hit both economically and in mortality rates. This was largely due to a lack of good nutritional intake...

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Health Education Campaigns in Cusco - Orange Cares

Spanish Classes with Orange Cares

Learn Spanish with Orange Cares in the historical city of Peru, home to breathtaking landscape, diverse cultures, world class cuisine and archeological treasures like the world famous Machu Picchu. Cusco is the best place to learn Spanish because the Andean Spanish dialect is relatively slow, clear and neutral compared to other Spanish speaking regions in...

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Literacy Program

A LEARNING SPACE FOR PARENTS. The indigenous people of Peru that still live in seclusion in the mountainous regions of Cusco are unfortunately also the forgotten people of Peru. They continue to live in abject poverty and are incredibly underserved and underrepresented. Many villages have no schools and if they do, its only primary school...

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Literacy Program - Orange Cares

After School Program

Our after school program was opened because of a real need within low-income communities. The program gives structure to students with working parents and adopts a holistic approach to learning. We want our students to be socially engaged, physically and emotionally cared for. Its also a haven for at risk students, helping to build their...

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After School Program

Our Christmas Social Project

We kick off our annual Christmas social project focused on helping communities surrounding the imperial city of Cusco and the Sacred Valley. We journeyed towards the community of Pacchanta, located within the district of Ocongate (home to Ausangate Mountain). This quaint and isolated community is home to about 400 people or so. Orange Cares was...

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Our Christmas Social Project - Orange Cares

Our Cultural & Educational Project

Education, cultural awareness and a sense of belonging is the cornerstone for a happy and healthy society. Undeniably Peru has a very rich and diverse history and culture. Unfortunately, for the children born in the rural villages of the Andean mountains, visiting some of the greatest monuments and architectural marvels still remains a very distant...

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Our Cultural & Educational Project - Orange Cares