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Literacy Program

Literacy Program - Orange Cares


The indigenous people of Peru that still live in seclusion in the mountainous regions of Cusco are unfortunately also the forgotten people of Peru. They continue to live in abject poverty and are incredibly underserved and underrepresented.

Many villages have no schools and if they do, its only primary school education. This has left a vast majority of the people illiterate and only speaking Quechua (a native language of Peru). Speaking only Quechua is a very big disadvantage because the language of commerce and education in Peru is Spanish. Women are even more affected because their main role is usually limited to domestic duties and they have no say in important decision making that impact their lives like local politics, household finances and their children´s education. It is truly sad when you notice the level of marginalization and disrespect they have to endure purely because of their lack of education.

Our literacy program focuses on basic skills like reading, writing and basic math (especially counting money). The program is available to both men and women. Our teachers are usually bilingual, speaking both Spanish and Quechua. We provide a space where they can improve their skills, develop their talents and instill within them entrepreneurial skills. An entrepreneurial mindset is paramount in these regions because the main source of income is from agriculture and tourism. Once they acquire the necessary skills, they can then be actively involved in the selling of produce, their beautiful hand weaved garments and the use of their live stock like the llamas and mules through tourism. The learners in the literacy program are always enthusiastic and motivated to learn.

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