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Monalisa Spa Cusco

Written by Orange Cares | Noviembre 30, 2023
Monalisa Roca Spa Cusco

Immerse yourself in an oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation with our massages designed to elevate your physical and mental well-being. In a serene and welcoming environment, our expert therapists will guide you through experiences that go beyond superficial relaxation.

Say goodbye to stress and tension with our therapeutic massages. Each movement is carefully designed to release muscle knots, improve circulation and restore harmony to your body. Experience a deep sense of relief as our therapists work on specific areas to address your individual needs.

About Us ?

Perfectly located in a tranquil corner in the historical center. Monalisa Spa Cusco prides itself of its holistic approach in a luxurious experience. Come in and immediately have your senses soothed and energies recharged. The warm, cozy and soft music create an ambiance of complete relaxation. Rejuvenate sore and tired muscles and pamper the body and mind with our luxurious spar treatments. Our professional salon uses hand picked products and focuses on enhance your natural beauty. Whether you hiked a strenuous Inca Trail, have some kinks from a long day of travel or simply want a relaxing day to pamper yourself, look no further than Monalisa Spa Cusco to take care of all your needs. We provide healing relaxation, restorative spa treatments, medi spa therapy, and much more.

Our Vision, Mission, and Values


We prioritize the well-being of our clients. It has been our joy to provide healing relaxation, vitality, and health benefits. With our latest treatments, we offer our clients excellent service and commitment to giving you a full spa experience. Our facilities are in a tranquil space, perfect for a day of de-stressing and relaxation. Your convenience is our main concern, so we have a mobile therapeutic session in the comfort of your hotel room.


We offer our best services, taking care of the beauty of both Men and Women. Rebalance your mind and body with a treatment plan designed best for you! Relax and recover with a wide range of healing massages.


  • Our values define our company culture and provide customer service excellence.

In Your Home

You will find a personalized massage in Cusco therapy and bodywork experience by Monalisa Roca Spa. We tailor our service to fit your individual needs for relaxation, muscle tension, stress, and many more, giving you the well-being that your body needs.

Schedule your next massage in Cusco or body works service by writing to us at or at our office

In Your Hotel

Having a long day of traveling­, Monalisa Spa Cusco service to your hotel allows you to save costs and personalize your needs according to the demand of the hotel establishment. Treat yourself to a pampering spa experience, facial and body treatments at your doorstep.

Schedule your next massage or body works service by writing to us at

In Your Monalisa Roca Spa

When you visit our Salon and spa, our friendly staff will be happy to discuss your individual needs and desires with you. Our range of beauty and restorative treatments has made us one of the best salons and spas in our area. we recommend that you schedule an appointment with our professionals at your earliest convenience

Luxury Hair Care

Let our stylists transform your hair into a masterpiece. From statement cuts to deep conditioning treatments, our team is committed to enhancing the natural beauty of your hair. Discover radiant hair full of vitality.

Nail and Manicure Treatments

Beautify your hands and feet with our high-quality nail treatments. From relaxing manicures to rejuvenating pedicures, our nail specialists will create an experience that will pamper your limbs and highlight your personal style.

Custom Facials

Give your skin its luminosity with our personalized facials. Our estheticians will evaluate your individual needs to create a treatment that hydrates, tones and revitalizes your skin, leaving it radiant and rejuvenated.

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