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Sacred Valley tour with children with special needs

Orange Cares joined forces with Sam Travel and San Martin school for the disabled to give the children a memorable day exploring the ancient ruins from the great Inca Empire.

Together we ventured on a tour to the Sacred Valley to learn about the ancient Quechua history. We also explored different archeological sites that still remain world renowned engineering master pieces. While the Sacred Valley is a wonderful place to visit, it can also be challenging for disabled children. Some of the Inca ruins are steep and uneven, and transportation options are limited. However, there are tour operators like Sam Travel that specialize in tours for disabled travelers. The Sam Travel team borrowed us their specialist skills for the day and provided the highest quality tour whilst accommodating all the children´s different abilities and disabilities.

Magic in the Sacred Valley: Children with special needs an unforgettable excursions

“Children with special needs, with their hearts full of excitement, explore this corner of ancient beauty. The colors of the landscape, the warmth of the community, and the rich Quechua culture intertwine to create a setting where diversity is celebrated.”