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One Day Hike to Hidden Waterfall called Perolniyoc

Written by Orange Cares | Octubre 31, 2023
One Day Hike to Hidden Waterfalls and Unknown Inca Ruins in the Sacred Valley

The Perolniyoc Waterfall or Catarata Perolniyoc (in Spanish) is serene hidden jewel, tucked away in the bushy hills of the Sacred Valley in Cusco, Peru. Your short hour hike to the waterfall takes you through indigenous villages. Giving you the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in these rural communities and their farmlands. Get a great view of their agricultural terraces blanketing the hillsides and learn about their day to day lives. Along the way is a lush canyon filled with native flora and fauna for an absolutely breathtaking hike. Se bellow our Perolniyoc Waterfall Tour and Informations.

Once you come upon the waterfall, witness 45 meters of crystal-clear waters cascading down the mountain side and feel the energy that radiates from them. This waterfall was used by the Incas as a ceremonial fountain and just above it is the Perolniyoc Ruins (also called Raqaypata). These ruins sit at an astounding 3 350ft/12 000ft above sea level, giving you gorgeous panoramic views of the valley and waterfall below.

Later, you move on to the fascinating archeological center of Ñaupa Iglesia. This Inca site is home to outstanding stonemasonry and impeccably constructed altars. This an ancient ceremonial temple dedicated to the moon. Find two story houses previously used as warehouses, lodging rooms and a ceremonial center typical in Inca Architecture.

What is it? 1-Day Easy Hike to Perolniyoc Inca Ruins

The word “Perolniyoc” means something like “the site with a pan below the waterfall” in the oral Qechua language, making this the perfect destination for would be explorers looking for a little adventure. What do you get when you combine a myth about hidden Inca gold with a hike to a secluded waterfall, and mysterious unknown Inca ruins? You get an amazing step back in time to a lost world where the mysteries of living in ancient times simply cannot be explained. Imagine what it would be like to wander the remote Andes Mountains searching for clues from a past civilization while surrounded by stunning landscapes?

How do you get to Perolniyoc Inca Ruins?

At 8:30AM an Orange Cares guide and driver will pick you up from your hotel in Cusco or the Sacred Valley and begin a 1 hour/40 minute drive to a small village where the van will park. It takes about 2 hours to hike to the 2 waterfalls and up to the ruins. It takes about 1 hour to hike back to the van. From there you will drive back to your hotel in Cusco or the Sacred Valley. The total time needed is about 6-7 hours.

observe the Peruvian countryside before it was invaded by Many fortune hunters seeking gold have made the trip to the remote waterfall in hopes of striking it rich. No one knows if the myth of hidden golden treasure is true, but it makes for a great one day adventure!

What do you need to pack for the 1-day Hike to Perolniyoc Inca Ruins?

Wear strudy waterproof non-slip shoes. Bring a daypack with raingear, warm layers, sunscreen, sunglasses, sunhat, drinking water and snacks. (optional box lunch can be included)

How difficult is the Hike to Perolniyoc Inca Ruins and the Hidden Waterfalls?

With a modest elevation gain of 1500 ft. the maximum elevation is 12,100 ft. It takes about 45 minutes to hike to the first waterfall, then continue another 30 minutes to the top of the Inca site. The ruins are located on a prominent knob overlooking the valley. The return hike is about an hour mostly downhill.

What is the Cost for the 1-Day Hike to Perolniyoc Inca Ruins?

Cost based on the number of people in your group in USD:

  • 1-2 people – $197 USD
  • 3-4 people – $25 USD
  • 5-7 people – $300 USD

** Prices are in total and not per person.

Perolniyoc Hike Tips

  • Book your trek with a reputable tour operator
  • Wear good hiking shoes with ample ankle support
  • Bring extra drinking water, the sacred valley can get very hot
  • Bring things for sun protection like a sunhat and sun screen
  • Add other tours to this amazing trek like : The Sacred Valley Tour, Pachamancha Tour, Chinchero Weaving tour, Rainbow Mountain or Humantay Lake.
  • Get acclimated to the altitude in Cusco or the Sacred Valley for a day or two. The accent reaches a staggering 3 350ft/12 000ft above sea level
  • Bring some remedies to help with altititude sickness. Drink plenty of water and coca tea, chew coca leaves, pace yourself and if necessary use a company that has an oxygen tank available incase of emergency.

Important | We highly recommend that you do this tour with a licensed company like: Orange Nation Peru or Spider Travel Peru

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